Capri is beautiful. It has gorgeous architecture crystal clear water and great food. There are some really cool legitimate hiking trails on the island and the smaller more local village of Anacapri is a must. In my opinion the best meal we ate in Capri was a lunch at a cool little hotel in Anacapri followed by homemade gelato sandwiches in a fresh brioche roll. (It was as amazingly delicious as it sounds). We spent a day on a private boat cruising around the entire island which was really fun because I love boats and I love seeing what everything looked like from the sea. We also hiked the Dei Fortini trail or trail of the forts which goes between 3 ancient forts along the cliffs that make up the coast line (about 6 miles long). Capri is a fun little island filled with upscale shopping and picturesque views that leaves you feeling like a movie star rubbing elbows with the most interesting characters you’ll ever meet.

We then took a private boat to Positano, the Amalfi Coast, and then drove up to our final destination the resort town of Ravello. Positano is the picture you see when you check out images of the Amalfi Coast. It is built up the mountainside and is full of beautiful colors and picture worthy architecture. We were only there for a few hours but we really enjoyed walking around the coastline and checking out some of the shops in town. We ate a delicious lunch at Chez Black and headed back to the boat for the rest of our journey. One of my highlights was stopping the boats and swimming along some cool rock formations in the deep blue. 

Ravello is situated up in the mountains and looks down on the Amalfi Coast. The food here was absolutely fantastic and the views are breathtaking. We hiked form Ravello down through the mountains and past old long abandoned paper mills into Amalfi Town one day and it was more mountainous and green than I had imagined it to be. We felt like we were hiking in California or Oregon in the dead of summer. The town of Ravello was all about the views for me. Our hotel overlooked the coastline and town and we spent a ton of time hanging out on the terraces and taking it all in.