Do you ever want to do something that you used to do when you are kids but your internal dialogue tells you that you are too old for it? Sometimes this happens to me. I want to play guitar, longboard, or draw and I tell myself I just do not have time for those things and that ship has sailed. Of course this is not true, anything that brings us joy is a good thing to add to our lives. I have made a point recently to do those things that I have wanted to for a while but have talked myself out of for various reasons. Amy and I started to draw/doodle, I have been better about taking pictures with my camera, and Amy and I recently went and bought a couple of longboards to cruise around Key Largo on. We found a random cool shop by the boardwalk in Miami Beach and I jumped on a bunch of them and was able to demo a couple of them to choose mine. Amy has not done any longboarding so she just held onto my shoulders and stood on a few to see which board she felt comfortable on. I found this really snappy, cool board by a California Company called Loaded. It is a fun carving board and has a lot of flex to it. Amy chose a Sector 9 for her first ever board. It is stiff and stable and easy to ride.

When we got back to the keys we headed to a parking lot to practice the fundamentals and naturally I brought my camera to document the occasion. Needless to say I was proud of her first official cruise on her board. She did not fall and started to go a little bit faster and began to get a little more comfortable kicking. She even wanted to cruise around on the streets and get a little speed. If you follow Amy on Instagram and watch her Insta-stories then you may have heard her talk about why she loves doing board sports. She says that she loves the way that doing board sports like longboarding, surfing, and stand up paddle boarding, keeps her young and how it always feels like an adventure.

To me there is something very freeing about carving on a board. I have been snowboarding forever and I have always felt alive when I am hauling ass on a board and laying down some turns. Even at 35 years old I love it and feel right at home. As we rode around I felt a lot of gratitude that we were doing this together and that we were making time to do something fun outside. There is never a bad time to pick something back up that you may have stopped or to start a new hobby. I feel like the goal of life should be to do more of what you love with the people you love. We are coming up on the time of year where people get busy and the demands on our time increase. I want to encourage you to not lose focus on your hobbies and on the things that keep you sane. Keep making time to have fun and to live. I would be willing to bet that you will never look back on your life and wish you had spent more time inside working.

AND… it is never a bad idea to go and chase the sunset.