Here is another Short List. 6 Things to do on the beautiful West Coast of Puerto Rico. In my opinion this is the best coast and there is A LOT to see.

1. Horseback Riding on the beach in Isabela. Tropical Trail Rides is located in Isabela, Puerto Rico right off of Shack’s Beach. It is a great operation that leads group trail rides starting on Shack’s Beach along the coast, through the groves of Almond and Pine trees all the way to Survival Beach. Survival Beach is cool because it is secluded. It is tough to find as there is no easy, paved road to the beach so you have to know where you are going. It is surrounded by trees and cliffs and it is definitely picturesque. You stop with the horses here, tie them up in the trees and hike up a little rocky mountain to a picture spot that looks out over the Caribbean. Then you all get back on your horses, take some more pictures and ride back, the whole thing takes a few hours and it is a lot of fun, they have morning rides as well as sunset rides and the guides are great!


2. Rincon — Rincon is probably where you will want to stay when you hit the west coast. Tourist season is roughly Thanksgiving through Easter and there is a lot to do here. It has THE surf beaches on the west coast as well as the Tres Palmas Marine reserve where you can snorkel. You can charter a fishing boat, take surf lessons, rent SUP boards, and even go SCUBA diving. Every Sunday in the main square there is a Farmer’s market where you can get all kinds of local baked goods, homemade coconut milk, and organic veggies from local farms. On Thursday night in the same spot is the Art Walk where you can pick up locally made souvenirs and check out all kinds of local artisan crafts. Rincon is easy. Make sure to eat at Jack’s Shack by Maria’s Beach, it has the best fish tacos on the island.


3.  San Sebastian Waterfalls — This is a fun little morning trip to take if you are staying in Rincon or the surrounding area. It is a short drive and the waterfalls are really cool. There is one tucked back in the Jungle that you can swim into a mini cave, hang out in the crystal clear pools, and even climb up the side of the waterfall and do some cliff diving if you are feeling adventurous. Above the lower waterfall is a smaller waterfall with a fun rope swing and another crystal clear pool for swimming. There is a restaurant in the parking lot and the earlier you get there the less crowded it will be. Be sure to wander around and take pictures along the water and in the surrounding Jungle. There is an awesome guy who works there known as the Jungle Man and he gives great tours and will help you navigate the falls for a tip.


4. Crash Boat Beach — This is our favorite beach. Located in Aguadilla, north of Rincon, it has crystal clear water and some great swimming ans snorkeling. There is a long pier you can walk out on and dive off of. There are a couple of structures that are out in the water that you can snorkel and dive around that are teaming with wild life. You can also snorkel away from the beach and see sea turtles and puffer fish. Then the tide is up there is a cool crashed boat that you can swim through as well. It is a great beach to spend all day relaxing and catch the Caribbean sunset at. The colors are breathtaking, from the gradients of the water to the colors in the sky.


5. Cabo Rojo Lighthouse — I know you may be thinking, what is special about this lighthouse? Not much, it is a light house. This lighthouse though is on HUGE cliffs overlooking some pretty amazing water. You can wander the cliffs and get some super majestic views. Also, to get to the lighthouse you drive through some epic salt flats. That’s right, salt flats in Puerto Rico! This drive and the view when you get there is pure gold in the picture department and definitely shows the diversity of the geography in Puerto Rico. After you explore the salt flats, walk around and up the lighthouse, which is still working, and take bazillion pictures on the cliffs overlooking the beautifully colored ocean you have earned your reward. La Playuela. This is a horseshoe shaped beach with warm, crystal clear water. It is one of the prettiest beaches in Puerto Rico and a great way to spend a day. Bring some food and your beach chairs and take it all in. Cabo Rojo Lighthouse and cliffs


6. La Cueva del Indio (Indian Caves) in Arecibo — La Cueva del Indio is in the north part of the west coast in a town called Arecibo. It is a fun day trip and a unique experience. The actual cave is full of carvings done by the Taino Indians in a spot where they apparently used to hold tribal meetings. You get to climb down a wooden ladder into the cave (which is cool because there is no real guidelines or anything so you just cruise on down into the cave). Once in the cave you can explore freely, check out the numerous carvings, say hi to the bats, and wade through the ocean that goes into and out of the cave. There are also cool spots in the cliff outside the cave to take pictures. You can walk down the trails to really nice beaches, view points, and pools where you can swim. It is a fun and unique day trip when you are in the



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May 15, 2016

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