Travel the world the way that you want to.

Travel the world the way that you want to.

How do I travel the world?

This is the question which occupies many people’s minds today. We are bombarded by beautiful pictures of people gallivanting around the globe seemingly without a care in the world. I know if you are reading this you have likely caught yourself scrolling the Instagram feed, looking at someone throwing a peace sign in the middle of the Icelandic wilderness and wondered: “How is this possible?” Or “That really can’t be their job!” Or even the ever popular: “They must have rich parents.” Amy and I travel quite a bit and we know a lot of people who travel the world and there are so many unique stories as to how people make their dream to travel the world possible. Some people do have rich parents, some own one pair of jeans, one pair of shoes, a backpack, and some other essentials and sleep in the cheapest place they can. Others travel for work and take advantage of leisure time on the back-end of their trips and share the best parts of it. Others, like us, own their own business and can work from anywhere, so we do. The thing that people who travel the world have in common is that they all made travel a priority in their lives and they made the sacrifices necessary to make it a reality.


Is traveling realistic in your life?

If you asked me today I would say yes. If you asked me 6 or 7 years ago I would have said no. I would have told you it was a dream but not realistic and that people who travel are just lucky or they have someone supporting them. Basically, I was a hater. I wanted to travel the world, I wanted the lifestyle that I had always dreamed about but I was unwilling to rearrange my life and take the risks that it takes to make those dreams a reality. Traveling takes money, it takes planning, it takes a certain amount of risk tolerance, it takes sacrifice, and it takes an honest appraisal of how much comfort you actually need in your life to be happy. If you truly commit to your dream to travel the world and make it a priority you can make it happen. Here is what I mean: You can move back in with your parents, cut expenses by eating at home all the time, cutting out Starbucks and going to bars, you can save almost every penny you make and take off to an exotic locale in no time. To travel the world you need to make a plan. Tally up how much it will take to go where you want to go and stay where you want to stay for as long as you want to stay there and get to work. After the plan is made is when the real work and discipline starts. When you have a enough money to go you go, then come back when you are out of money and do it all over again. You can join the peace corps, or look for opportunities working abroad. You can start a business and design a life that allows you to travel in the style you want to. The point is that the opportunities are endless today to make your life exactly what you want it to be. Traveling or doing anything in life that requires going against the grain has WAY more to do with mindset than with mechanics.

Mindset vs. Mechanics.

Mindset is everything in life. Everything from how we view other people, relationships, our own capabilities, the world at large, and any obstacles that inevitably pop in our way come back to mindset. In essence, what we believe we are capable of accomplishing or building we are in fact capable of accomplishing or building. With this in mind it is VITAL that we examine our views of the world and the knee jerk reactions we have when we deal with people and look at the things we want in life. I think it was Will Smith who said,”The first step in getting anyone else to believe that you can do something is for you to believe it first.” When we speak of travel we are really speaking about the desire that many of has to achieve our version of freedom and to truly live a life by our own design. The first step in doing that is to believe that you can do it. The next step is getting to work and figuring out the how. In my experience when we truly commit to something we inevitably figure out the how, but only when that thing we have committed to become a MUST. Traveling is all about not listening to all of the people who will look at your plan and start talking about the lack of security, certainty, and stability that can come with a life spent focused on travel (or on building your own business for that matter). These things that the people close to you will likely say are based on their beliefs and it is crucial that you do not take their beliefs, views, and mindset as your own. If you do then you are sunk before you even start. Build the belief in yourself and make your plans, the rest will take care of itself.


Do you really want to travel? Get clear.

Do I really want to travel? Like, REALLY want to travel? This is the question you have to ask yourself. Not, how do I afford to travel or how does that person afford to travel. I think that a lot of people like the IDEA of traveling but do not necessarily like all that goes with actually being on the road. This is all about looking at life and seeing what it is you really want. This is VITAL for all areas of life. It is not until we get really clear about the outcomes we desire that we can start to make true headway on living the life of our dreams. For example: if travel sounds like a cool idea and you think about it a lot and feel that it would be a source of great joy for you based on what you see other people doing but you get stressed when you go to airports and when plans change and you really value being close to your friends and family and having a clear-cut routine then maybe traveling is not for you. This is for you to decide though, and only you. You might need to do some short, safe, close adventures to test the waters but the sooner you figure this out the better off you will be.

Pursuing things that will not add value to life but actually take away from the enjoyment of life is a great way to not feel good about the things that are actually happening in life no matter what is going on. Having a false view of the things that bring us joy is a quick way to life of total non-fulfillment no matter what we are accomplishing. It is up to us to constantly evaluate what we want and what we are doing in life and to let go of the things that are not going to bring us to our goals of living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. By freeing up space in our lives to go after the things we really want we can live a life full of adventure, passion and happiness. When we get clear our mindset becomes focused and positive and we being to make things happen. We find inspiration because we are constantly in action and trying new things. It is all about having an ultimate vision for life and getting into action. If you want to travel the world, if that lifestyle is truly for you, then…

It is time to commit.

If you do want to travel then commit. It is as simple as that. Make a plan and get to work. Decide where you want to go and when you will go. Give yourself some time to make it happen and continually do research to keep your fire burning bright. You may have to rearrange a lot of the things in your life, from getting a new job, getting your partner on board, finding a travel buddy, changing your living situation to one that frees up some cash flow, getting a roommate, etc. You can do it. When we commit to things that we are passionate about we often mistake the excited nerves we feel that are really telling us,”you are on the right path, this shit is REALLY HAPPENING!” with,”this is scary and it is not right. Be grateful for what you have…” The latter is not your voice if you are committed. It is some played out tape in your head that belongs to someone else, you just inherited it and it is time to record over it. If travel and adventure are what you want then travel and adventure are what you will have. It is truly up to you and you will be one of those people posting pictures of your adventures prompting people to ask,”How the F$%K?”


Your life is yours. Your power and opportunity are limitless. Go live.




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October 11, 2016

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