Our must have Travel Camera Gear

Our must have Travel Camera Gear

Packing theory

When I was a kid we used to backpack, camp, and hike a lot. When we would begin packing for a trip my Dad would take all of our camping and backpacking gear out of its storage spot and lay it all out in the garage. We would even go as far as to set up our tents and make sure that we had all of the parts and that everything is in good condition. Only when we had tested our gear and checked it off our packing list could we pack it up. This always ensured we had fulfilled the Boy Scout motto,”Always be prepared.” I have carried this practice into my adult life as we have begun to travel more and more, especially when it comes to camera gear. There is a lot to remember and forgetting one thing can be a huge cramp when you get where you’re going.

In a few days we are headed to Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and the Greek Islands for the next few weeks so we are bringing all of the camera gear we will need to have fun taking pictures and capturing our trip from unique angles. Since we get a lot of questions about what kind of cameras and lenses we use I wanted to share what our must have’s are for travel camera gear. Here is what we packed:

Lenses and Cameras:

  • Canon 5d Mark iii Amy actually taught me to take pictures with a Canon and started me down the journey I am on now. Since I learned to shoot on a Canon when I bought my own camera I got a Canon 5d Mark iii, I have used the mirrorless, lighter Sony Alpha 6000 and I prefer the Canon. It feels better in my hand, I like the weight of it and the picture quality is fantastic. Amy has the same camera body so we can just switch lenses if we want to which is nice.
  • Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 L This is a new lens and is my favorite. I have always had my eye on the L-series 24-70mm when we were lens shopping but I could never pull the trigger. I bought it specifically for this trip. A lot of people prefer prime lenses but I love having the ability to get a wide angel shot and a portrait from one place. It is less to carry and allows me to get the shot I want without having to stop and change lenses because I need to be farther in or out.  It allows me to get landscapes and big shots as well as portraits and closer in shots. Definitely a must have when it comes to travel camera gear.
  • Canon 85mm F/1.2 L Amy loves this lens. It is perfect for detail, portraits, and low light. It takes beautiful pictures and is a great addition to the 24-70mm and is perfect for Amy’s style of photography.
  • Canon 50mm F/1.2 L We use this in the Aquatech Water Housing. It is a beautiful lens for underwater and is wide angled enough to have some fun above water as well. It is also great in low light.

Into the water:

  • Aquatech Splash housing: When headed to a place where we will be in the water we always bring our Aquatech water housing. The lens ports are interchangeable for different lenses and the housing is good to a depth of 33′ so it is great for freediving, snorkeling, and swimming around all of the grottos, coves, and beaches of the Amalfi Coast and the Greek Islands. We got this so we could get our great pictures when we went swimming around our home in Puerto Rico and then we took it to Tahiti and it was such a cool thing to have when we were paddle boarding or snorkeling in the coral gardens.  It is great to have if you are somewhere and are in and out of a boat, you do not have to worry about your camera or lens getting wet.

All the miscellaneous must haves:

There is a lot of miscellaneous extras when it comes to camera gear.

What does your must have travel camera gear look like?



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May 28, 2017

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