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“Its hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but its harder to give up when you know its everything you want.” – Unknown

Pulling a Geographic is the husband and wife team of Kevin Mashburn and Amy Silverman. This site is here to showcase our photography, chronicle our adventures, give travel tips and tricks, as well as provide some inspiration to push you to get out of your way and live the life you have always wanted. So, what does “Pulling a Geographic” mean? In the recovery community when things get bad in the place you live so you move to a new place to “start over” it is called “Pulling a Geographic”. The only problem is that you are waiting for you when you get there and the cycle repeats, same destruction and same bad vibes. We chose this name because we have turned our lives around and to us, Pulling a Geographic means that we keep life interesting, we seek out adventure, we love to travel and experience new places and cultures. The things that start out as a negative in life do not always have to stay that way. We have always loved the adventure of moving to new places and seeing new things. We used to think that you could not be restless and stricken with a huge case of wanderlust and be successful and fulfilled because success is in fact fulfillment. If there is anything that living in the United States has taught us it is that you need to go to school, get a degree, and get a job. You work hard and try to get promoted, climb your way up the corporate ladder and hopefully get to travel during your golden years… or if you win the lottery. Basically, you cannot have both: FREEDOM and Success. It is a common myth that you have to make a choice to give up a lot of your life to Travel, living in hostiles and having one pair of pants or plug into one area and get to work, keeping your head down and working hard. This has not been our experience, life is truly what you make it and if you have a clear vision of what you want and are creative about how to get there, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
In our posts you will find a cornucopia of things related to travel, photography, and designing the life you want. We aim to share our experiences and how we travel and spend so much time together as a married couple, running businesses and chasing our dreams. We learned a to of what we know through good old trial and error and showing up in new places with no plan so we will share with you what we have learned and share our images from where we live and where we travel. If you would have told either of us 3-5 years ago that we would be living on a tropical island and traveling to awesome places we would have laughed at you. We have no special skills and no trust fund that allows us to do what we do. We work hard and have faith in ourselves and the universe and just keep moving forward no matter what. Enjoy our site and please let us know if there is anything you would like to hear us discuss or want us to share. Also, if there is somewhere that you have visited that we NEED to go please share!!!

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